Analysis Considerations

1.      Image analysis- other options:

If earlier in the process it was determined that 4800 DPI resolution was unnecessary for the study at hand, and 600 DPI or lower would suffice, other image analysis programs may offer added analytical benefits.  Other commercial software is also available with more advanced capabilities. A few examples commonly used within the spray community are offered below. They will not be further detailed on this site, visit their sites for further information  This is not an exhaustive list, but includes several options.


Depositscan Freeware is based on an earlier version of ImageJ with a customized input procedure and analysis interface. The USDA has not supported it with recent software upgrades but it is still used throughout the spray analysis community.  It can be downloaded here:


Stainalysis Freeware by REMSpC is a standalone Windows® application that can perform particle analysis on low resolution, 8-bit color or black & white images. It has more sophisticated statistical outputs and routines for aerial applications.


Commercial packages with more advanced analytical capabilities built-in that may handle the larger high resolution scans and automate many of the processes that are detailed in this website:

DropVision® by Leading Edge Associates,

ImagePro Plus by Media Cybernetics,