Epson Perfection V37

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Using the Epson Perfection V37®

General: The Epson Perfection is a very easy to use scanner with a robust software interface. It is physically larger and requires an external power supply, but in return for those tradeoffs has several advantages over the LIDE 210. The V37 scans natively to TIFF and several other formats, and self-calibrates at each start. It has a heavier lid and wider border than the LiDE 210, so may hold folded or thicker collectors flatter against the glass. It has the particular advantage of saving files as it scans them, making them immediately available to process in ImageJ.

Due to the sequential scan and save, the Epson allows more collectors to be scanned per setup than the Canon, and each image is saved as it is scanned, allowing immediate processing by ImageJ or other image analysis software.